Cassie & Maddox’s Rip Van Winkle Wedding

Rip Van Winkle is super sentimental to Cassie & Maddox since one of their earliest dates was there! I could tell they had gone on many dates there because they had so many spots around the property that had special memories for them and we got to make so many great images at so many of them.
I also loved how they went the extra mile to make their Rip Van Winkle wedding day so personal to them. So many little touches come to mind between Cassie’s dad making their ceremony arch; to the Polaroid seating chart with the table names matching places they had traveled together. My personal favorite was their new spin on the tosses. Cassie threw a stuffed dog, with the winner being the next to adopt a dog, while Maddox threw a stuffed plant with that winner being the next to get a new plant.
Cassie & Maddox met while working together through 4-H. My first exposure to photography was through 4-H! I even got to see my own 4-H agents I had while growing up as guests at their wedding! I couldn’t help but slip a little 4-leaf clover into their details. It felt like such a special full-circle moment.
We had a dream team for this wedding day! Working with my friend Kerri of Threaux Events is always a treat for me and she got through the whole day injured in a boot! She’s a rockstar.
Rodney of Flowers by Rodney knocked it out of the park with this beautiful fall palette that went with the blend of different bridesmaid dresses perfectly!
Wildflower Hair and Makeup made everyone look lovely!
Between Bon Temps Grill, Gambinos, Pouparts & Meche’s we were well fed.
Acro Music Strings brought beauty to the ceremony while Digitial Music Services brought the dance party for later in the night.
And I know that Brittany with Drik Guidry Studio made them such a beautiful keepsake for their live wedding painting!

Cassie had such sweet things to say about our time working together…

“If you are looking for a wedding photographer in South Louisiana (or anywhere, honestly), Hannah Herpin should be your top choice! She is an extremely talented photographer that can make the most awkward people look fantastic (trust me). Her photographs are done in a timeless style, she is comprehensive in her photography, and most of all, she is a lovely person who makes everyone feel comfortable. Whether you want traditional/classic wedding photos, something completely unconventional, or a combination of the two, Hannah is your girl.

I cannot emphasize this enough, BOOK HER!”


01 RipVanWinkleWedding 1
02 RipVanWinkleWedding
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04 RipVanWinkleWedding
05 RipVanWinkleWedding
06 RipVanWinkleWedding
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17 RipVanWinkle
18 RipVanWinkleWedding
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21 RipVanWinkleWedding
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23 RipVanWinkleWedding
24 RipVanWinkleWedding
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29 RipVanWinkleWedding
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33 RipVanWinkleWedding
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35 RipVanWinkleWedding
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37 RipVanWinkleWedding
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40 RipVanWinkleWedding
41 RipVanWinkleWedding
42 RipVanWinkleWedding
43 RipVanWinkleWedding
44 RipVanWinkleWedding
45 RipVanWinkleWedding

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