Photographer in New Orleans

Hi! I'm Hannah


I’m a steadfast believer in love. I’m passionately punctual, unassumingly artistic, and excited to learn about your love story.

I’m so grateful that my countless hours in the darkroom at art school lead me here. Who knew a camera would give me access to so many beautiful stories, so many intimate moments? Every day I am honored, humbled, awed, stopped in my tracks. This is how I know I’m in the right place.

I met my husband when I was 16. We’ve been together 20 years. 20! My marriage is absolutely the most important thing in my life. I found my person! I’m thankful for this every day. If you found your person, that’s reason to celebrate. This is why I do what I do. There’s nothing else in the world more worth capturing. I love being a photographer in New Orleans and Lafayette. The area that I work in is endlessly inspiring. 

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Want to know some other tid-bits?

I’m a one woman show here. I wear all the hats for my business. There’s no middle man, just me and my dog answering all your emails, shooting, editing and running the show. So, when you reach out you get me and I'm the one that shows up on your wedding day. It’s just me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First and foremost I love couples who are deeply in love first and best friends second. I also gravitate to couples who really care about their weddings. If they don’t have a highly organized pinterest board full of color palettes and fresh flower choices, they’ve hired someone who will pull all of those details together for them. And then on the day of they can let it all go and live in the moment.

After shooting weddings for so many years I’ve got to witness all kinds. From big Cajun weddings to intimate elopements to French Quarter galas to backyard tent weddings and I’ve learned that the most personal ones are the most special. No matter what the backdrop ends up being couples who went out of their way to tailor their day to make their unique traditions shine are the ones that stand out to me.

It’s always been a perfect tie between when a couple is finally married and they’re walking down the aisle back towards me just beaming and all of the sweet emotions I can capture during the first dance.

"Hannah has a gift for capturing the moment in the most pure way... On our wedding day Hannah was prompt, encouraging, patient, and got every shot we wanted!"
Amelie - City Club Lafayette, La
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hannah on multiple occasions and I am consistently impressed by her work ethic, her passion and her talent. Even though she’s been a photographer for more than a decade she continues to learn, improve and challenge herself. Not only does she deliver photos of the highest quality, but she works to make sure her clients entire experience is as magical and seemless as possible. I will forever recommend her to my clients!
Kerri - Wedding Planner, Threaux Events

My office mate

When he isn’t inspecting the gear, he’s sleeping on the job. Somehow he’s always employee of the month no matter how hard I work. He’s cute though, so I can’t fire him.

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SoCo the beagle, 10

My love

He can’t focus a camera to save his life but he’s kind of a lighting genius. He carries my gear, is my favorite travel partner and every once in a while you might see him at a shoot.

Hannah Martin in Paris

How did I get here?

a timeline of business highlights


I started this business on the floor of my college bedroom with a laptop and a gifted camera.


I earned my BFA with a double major in Graphic Design & Photography and I was able to photograph my first wedding.


I went full-time and never looked back. I’m part of an incredible community of wedding professionals and I feel lucky every day.

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Why my office helps me

deliver better images

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Being a visual person makes me sensitive to my surroundings. It’s one of the reasons why I’m able to be so observant on wedding days. 
I took incredible care when designing my office (including asking my fung shei-obsessed mom) to make sure that my office feels as luxurious as the product I’m delivering to you. 
Every time I sit here I’m steeped in an inspiring space and I know that translates into what I’m delivering to you.

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