Abby’s New Orleans Senior Portraits

Abby's New Orleans Senior Portraits

When I met Abby, I was immediately excited about her style. She looked like she had fallen out of the sky, straight from a 90s film. She looked as cool as I wanted to be, but could never achieve when I was in high school. When we were chatting about what she was looking for in backdrops around New Orleans she said she loved texture and patina and I knew exactly where we should go. Both Race & Religious and the Marigny Opera House ooze character and charm. They both show a weathering that happens while existing in the city and were the perfect setting for capturing Abby. These portraits were incredibly fun to create and have been inspiring to me since. I wish Abby the best as she continues her pursuits of being an artist after her graduation from NOCCA.

abby sr 031 1
abby sr 016
abby sr 050
abby sr 078 1
abby sr 028
abby sr 091
marigny opera house senior portraits
abby sr 062
abby sr 066
abby sr 021
abby sr 002
abby sr 102.1
abby sr 024
abby sr 017
abby sr 098 1
abby sr 105
abby sr 120

a few 35mm film frames…

abby film 2 1
abby film 6

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