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Sitting Fee
Online Proofing
All High Resolution Files

Sitting Fee
Online Proofing
All High Resolution Files
120 Wallets

Sitting Fee
Online Proofing
All High Resolution Files
200 Wallets
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BE YOURSELF: Your senior portrait reflects life at your high school for the four years you attended, and you should not

overdress in your senior photo.
SHOW YOUR STYLE: Choose two or three outfits that reflect your personality, including casual and dressy.
BE COMFORTABLE: The more comfortable you feel the more natural you will look in front of the camera
AVOID: •Plaids, large geometric patterns, loud prints, and bold stripes | Advertising t-shirts, over-sized clothing, or outrageous clothing | Clothing that washes out or is similar to your skin tone




If you plan to get a haircut or style before your photography session, do it several days in advance so you know how it will look and have time to make any changes you feel are necessary. Avoid having your hair styled or cut an hour before your appointment because there will be no time to fix it if you aren’t happy with the results. Be sure to bring a comb or brush with you for last minute touch-ups.

Hands and nails should be clean and groomed. Girls should wear subtle colors or use clear polish. Blemishes, however, are very easy to touch-up and you don’t need to be concerned about them. If you wear glasses, most opticians are happy to remove the lenses from your glasses and replace them after your photography session. This eliminates any possibility of glare or reflection in your lenses and allows your eyes to really shine through.

Guys – Facial hair must be neatly groomed. Touching up a scraggly beard or mustache is difficult,
even for experts.

Girls – Don’t overdo the makeup. Bring all your cosmetics with you and follow the advice on how much to wear.

And more important than anything, BE YOURSELF!!


Your Passion


I want to know who you are and what makes you a unique individual. I want to know your passion. It might be playing, writing, or singing music, kayaking, fashion design, riding horses, sports, drama, or star gazing. Whatever it is, your passion will help me create the perfect theme for your senior picture. Write down a few notes describing your favorite things to do, your hobbies, your dreams, and your goals after graduation. Most importantly, tell me how you envision your senior portrait. All of this information aids me to design the ideal senior picture session for you, and produce an image both you and your family will love.




If you are an artist, play guitar or budding photographer, are an expert skateboarder or cyclist, love to go fishing or skiing, you are welcome to bring any items that defines your personality, and we will incorporate it into your session. Some students like to include their favorite pet in their pictures.


Hannah is AMAZING! She knew exactly the right poses and scenes that fit my personality. You get so many picture choices that are high quality and that are at a reasonable price. She is an exceptional photographer who is very professional and willing to work with your own ideas. I was very impressed with her work and would recommend her to anyone in a heart-beat!

Hannah’s so fun and easy to work with. She will take pictures anywhere-from the tops of barns and trees, to the middle of a pasture! In the most awkward places she will take the most extraordinary pictures! Hannah will definitely be the first photographer I recommend or call and I would encourage you to do the same!



I loved working with Hannah for my senior portraits! I absolutely love the fact that she was willing to meet me in Baton Rouge for our session. She was so patient with me and made the session fun. Not to mention her very entertaining husband! I was super comfortable working with both of them. The best part is that the pictures turned out amazing!

One of the things that I loved about taking my senior portraits with Hannah was that she told me how to pose and made sure that I was comfortable in my environment and with myself. Her confidence in taking my pictures gave me the confidence to be myself in front of the camera. She knew the great spots to take the pictures and they came out amazing! So glad that I took my senior portraits with such a genuine, uplifting photographer.