Amelie & Jackson: A Lafayette, La Wedding

Wow! What a journey these two went on. This was one of my very first couples to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. They started out planning a huge wedding in Texarkana and 3 attempts later ended up with a small intimate wedding right here in Lafayette! Amelie & Jackson just moved here so they took the furniture out of their new house and just had the reception right there! My favorite part was when they got to watch all the toasts that people had filmed and sent in to them. Love is not canceled!!
I had a great time with these two and my fingers are crossed that we can have the big reception of their dreams later! Stay tuned.

01 Lafayette La Wedding
02 Lafayette La Wedding
03 Lafayette La Wedding
04 Lafayette La Wedding
05 ULL Wisdom Wedding
06 ULL Wisdom Wedding
07 ULL Wisdom Wedding
08 ULL Wisdom Wedding
09 UL Alumni House Wedding
10 At Home Wedding UL Alumni House Wedding
11 At Home Wedding
12 At Home Wedding
13 At Home Wedding
14 At Home Wedding 1
15 At Home Wedding
16 At Home Wedding
17 At Home Wedding


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    This is the sweetest couple. While I do not know the bride, I know her siblings well. It is easy for me to say ,therefore, that she is a beautiful person and perfect wife for Jackson who is a dear and amazing man. I can say, then that I love them both.

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