What now? Here's what to expect!

I'm reading your email!

I'm going through all the great intel you sent me and falling in love with your story! I'm gathering up as much relevant info as I can to send your way!

Did we just become best friends?

We'll bond over our love for wedding cake or dogs or both!

You'll decide your search stops here!

You'll see something in my investment guide that fits your wedding day needs just right or you'll be super honest with me and tell me exactly what you need so I can make you a custom quote!

You'll ask for a proposal.

I have an easy peasy way to book everything online! If we're local to each other we get together at a coffee shop and fill it out together.

What's the retainer?

To get your wedding date on my calendar, the retainer is 25% of your overall collection and can be paid when you fill out the proposal.

We go on this journey together!

We get to plan your portrait sessions and/or we count down 'til the big day!