NOLA Photog Shootout

I went to an amazing class with my friend Kristin in New Orleans earlier this year. We had some of the most amazing photographers from around the state (but Lafayette was represented strongly) teach us in 4 sesssions; in posing, using natural light, using artificial light, and using our surroundings. Jason Cohen, Jamie Orillion, Mark Eric, and Bebe Tran were our teachers!! Our brides were all ladies that had recently been married and wanted to show off their dress a few more times. It was a challenge to get the exact shot I wanted while trying to shoot with so many other photographers around, but I’m still super proud of what I got. I learned so much from this class and can’t wait till the next one . . .


thanks, I loved that workshop, can’t wait for the next one.

Great images here. I had a great time working with all you guys. Good luck with all you do!


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