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I work for Acadiana Publishing which puts out two monthly publications, The Greater Lafayette Business Journal and Cajun Outdoors. My boss sent me and our writer, Rob, all the way out to Pierre Part to interview Troy Landry of the History Channel’s Swamp People for Cajun Outdoors. I had a caught a few episodes and had mixed feeling about the show and how it portrayed Louisiana. This trip totally changed my mind. Pierre Part didn’t take long to get to and it looked just like any other Cajun town that I’ve been to. It made me realize that they could have this very show out of Kaplan about crawfishing but instead it’s out of Pierre Part about alligator hunting.

Troy was so nice, humble, down to earth, and welcoming to us. He is building a beautiful house out of sunken cypress, that he was kind enough to give us a tour of (It looked as great as it smelled!). We had a nice laid back interview with him on a tailgate in his backyard over a cup of Community Coffee.

And then I realize that this is my job. I get to document the area that I not only live in but grew up in.

Anyway here are a few of my faves. You can look for this issue to hit stands around Oct. 15.

****Please Note that I am not Troy Landry, if you e-mail me, you are reaching my photography business, not Troy himself. Thanks.


I wish Mr. Troy had an email so all of us fans could email him and let him know just how much the public loves him and his attitude towards life in general. I try watching the show every time I get a chance. We need more men like Troy in this world because he truly tries to live for his family, friends and every stranger he meets. I would love to have my four teenager kids which (also loves Troy) and myself to meet him. Our entire family feels Troy is a “Real American Man.” Keep up the Great work Troy, you are a lot of peoples Hero !!

i have always enjoyed watching the show.Mr.Lantry is agreat sportsman and adecent person. I wish bigger gators this year and all the best to him, his family,and Liz. God blessings always.

This is THE BEST SHOW on T.V. right now! my family hadnt missed an episode since it started coming on. Troy, his singing and funny sayings is the high lights of the show for us, not to mention his love for his family, friends, and his way of life. I wish there was alot more people in this world like Troy and had his way of living and thinking. Just by watching him on the show and hearing the things he has to say about life and all, he makes me want to be a better person. And did I mention he is SOOO SEXY! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!

We would like to meet Mr. Troy and his family one day. they really make the show worth watching. He himself is a legend. All the more reason to watch what he does next….We love all of them in the show too since it couldn’t be made without them. So Kudos (Congrats) goes out to the Landry Family…We will continue to keep watching the show….Sincerely, Woolley family.

I bet your interview with Troy was great.The show Swamp People is great.I watch it anytime I see it on.Hes a great family man it seens and we all can learn from him and his values.


How Big Was T-Rex The Gater?

I know Troy from my navy days I think I have some photos if I can find them of you would like them. Thanks gary

In the early ’90s I started to go down to Mississippi to seem my uncle, a transplanted Michigan Man who married a southern lady during WWII.
I started to go down there twice a year for the next 10 to 12 years because I fell in love with the south.
On one occasion when Unc and my aunt were going to be working during the day I decided to go down below New Orleans to see what it was like there. I did so on against the advice of my uncle and friends that I should do it cause that was “Cajun Country” and it was dangerous.
All the way down to Fort Jackson and back stopping along the way to purchase grapefruit and a Po’Boy for lunch, or just stopping to look at the road there that was made from seashells instead of the gravel we use here, the people I ran into were the nicest, friendliest, most down to earth people I have ever met.

One thing that stuck out in my mind was one conversation with a lady from the highway dept, while we waited a half hour or so for a ferry to cross the river. I mentioned how I enjoyed talking with her because of her accent. She replied that that was the same reason she kept asking me questions about our way of life in the north.

That has been 20 years ago or so and now Troy appears on TV, What a genuine, nice guy. Thank you Mister for bringing back such fond memories of the “Dangerous Cajuns” I had met that day. I don’t miss a show and am looking forward to many more seasons, you have a hit on your hands along with everyone else involved. I hope you guys (Ya’ll) make a fortune with it.


Man, What a genuine man he appears to be. I would like to spend time with him as well. I feel that who you see on camera is who he truly is. I have trouble sometimes being that way myself so to Troy hats off I admire you. You are a stand up guy in this crazy world. I really think you should consider writing a book.
Don’t ever let the fame change you.

Hi my son is 6 years old and on his Christmas list is that he gets too meet troy with Swamp people. He watches it over and over. I would do just about anything for him too meet him or just for him too know that he has touched his life. You should hear him say shoot emm shootemm. If their is anything that I could do to really meet up or for him too have a shirt signed by you. That is what he has on his christmas list you just wouldn’t believe.

[…] 2010 has been a huge year for me! A part of that was getting a job hours after finishing my last college class at Acadiana Publishing. I was hired to do layout design but another big part of my job was going on interviews all over the area and getting some great portraits. You can see more of this magazine at You can see an example of a shoot for it’s sister publication, Cajun Outdoors here. […]

i lived in new york all my life but after wacthing troy on swamp people he change my heart and life forever all i can think about is becoming a true hard working family man and i cant express my heart enough to that wonderful man that i saw on tv he made me realize how inportant iam to my wife and kids thank you troy landry we need great people like you and your wonderful family thank u again your truly rob from kingscounty tattoos i wish i can fish gators oneday with you and your family

I have always lived in Texas, because this is where Mom and Pop finally settled down. Pop was from New Orleans and Mom was from Belle City La. I learned the cajun way when I was very young. We caught crawfish, bullfrogs, fish, and killed plenty ducks. We never wasted anything always putting back for leaner time. When I see Troy and his family it makes me very proud of my heritage. I never did hunt “The Haligater” as my dad used to say, he sounded alot like Troy, as there was not very many of them back then due to overhunting and no regulations. Keep it going Landrys’ Le bon ton roulet !!!!!

I love Troy, his laugh is wonderful and I think his attitude is great. I don’t think the cameras changed him at all, he takes it all in stride and he wasn’t harsh with his son or the other hand he had working on his boat, he was a teacher but not condescending. I really like Troy! SHOOT EM! That’s the best!

My sister and I were searching the net for information on Troy Landry from the Swamp People show on the History channel. We were glad to see this article which emphasized what we thought about him from the watching the show. We would love to travel to Lousiana to meet him and be part of one of his big cookouts. Keep up the good work.

Troy is a great guy and he makes this show. I would love to meet him and as far as i am concerned, his way of life is the most fruitful that a man can have. He has real life worries and a family. The number one thing is family and that is a statement made by Troy, I totally agree.


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