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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tina at Flowers & More by Dean on several occasions and I’ve always been impressed with her creativity! I chatted with Tina about her views on florals for the big day.

flowers and more by dean

What are the benefits of having a professional florist for your wedding?

There are many benefits of hiring professionals for all of your vendors. Number one reason…Stress free! The happy couple and their families can be exactly that. Let the professional take care of you. When you hire a professional florist you get knowledge, experience, and the art of floral design. Your wedding flowers will be delicately cared for from the time they’re cut from the field, until they’re handed off to you. There are many opportunities for Mother Nature to change your flower plans. A professional florist will know how to handle any potential disasters.

What is going to be a floral trend for weddings in 2015 and into 2016?

I am getting many requests for lush, full bouquets and centerpieces. Hydrangea & Garden roses are the most requested blooms while color schemes are leaning to rich, deep royalty colors like Violets, Plums, & Marsala. I believe that the floral trend for the next couple of years will be lots of large flowers, accented with natural berries, vines, raw materials, and completed with very personal touches.

What makes your services unique?

My services are very devoted and personal. My passion for life, love, family, & friends is portrayed in my designs. Wedding flowers are an accent, but can make a very powerful statement when they portray the personality and spirit of the bride & groom which is what I strive to capture. I truly believe that every one should have a florist that they can call their own.

What is your favorite part of meeting with couples?

Hearing their story. Seeing the excitement in their eyes when they’re visioning the big day. That magic moment when all of our thoughts collide and compliment, assuring her that her wedding flowers will be even prettier than she imagined!

What is the number one tip you give your couples?

When selecting wedding vendors, make sure that you choose the one that’s willing to implicate your visions and be reasonable with your expectations. Don’t stress about the details. Leave it up to professionals and your day will be magical!

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