Baking with my Grandmother

I took some time out to do some personal work this spring which was so refreshing. I’d had an image in my head of my mama’s hands in dough as she was making tarts for a long time. For Mother’s Day she told me she was making tarts that week and to be at her house in the morning. We made coconut, pineapple and blackberry tarts and a Tarte á la Bouillie which is a pie with a thick sweet custard.
Being from such a huge cajun family there are always so many people around but my grandmother has always taken the time to have one on one time with us over the years. This was one of those special moments, along with the time she taught me to sew and when her and papop took just me fishing, that I’ll always cherish.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them! …I’m so hungry for a tart now.


This post is absolutely beautiful and made me so emotional. I wish I would have taken time out to take more pictures of my maw maw. I have many memories but something about seeing them in action is so special. Love this!!


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